A Nest of Hornets Update

It is exciting to see A Nest of Hornets on the market—it is even more exciting to see that people are buying it!

I think readers will find much of Gideon Hawke #3 very familiar: Gideon and Ruth are back, as are many other characters. Gideon and the lads are at it again, this time they are working in conjunction with Continental and militia troops to harass and disrupt British foraging efforts in New Jersey in the winter of 1777. Gideon finds himself in charge of his company, planning and coordinating with senior American officers to create maximum havoc among the British ranks.

This is where A Nest of Hornets is a departure from the first two Gideon Hawke Novels: much of the action takes place in meetings and dinner parties, and Gideon must quickly learn to navigate “battlefields” very different from those he has come to know. Fortunately Ruth is much more comfortable in social settings, and she is able to guide Gideon around many hazards and pitfalls. These events allowed me to explore the Gideon-Ruth relationship in depth, and I think readers will enjoy seeing that relationship put to the test.

The greatest challenges Gideon and Ruth face come in the form of a married couple: Lieutenant Colonel “Black Dan” Scott and his wife, Kate. Dan is an efficient and ruthless New Jersey Militia officer who appreciates Gideon’s tactical acumen, but differs greatly from the young rifleman when it comes to the morality of killing prisoners. Kate Scott’s battlefield is the dining room and parlor: she chafes at the rustic lifestyle into which the war has forced her, and she takes an unhealthy interest in Gideon.

The plot literally thickens when it becomes apparent the British are being forewarned of American plans. As they find their way through the ins and outs of headquarters and societal politics, Gideon and Ruth must constantly be aware of a traitor in their midst. Will they uncover the plot, or will the spy’s treachery cost them their lives? A Nest of Hornets challenges Ruth and Gideon as they have never been challenged before.

To find out more, get a copy now! The current low prices of $2.99 (Kindle) or $8.99 (Paperback) will only last until the New Year!

Which brings me to my last point: I wonder who will post the first review?

A Nest of Hornets on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBI511Q/

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