Gideon Hawke #4: A Constant Thunder

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The fourth Gideon Hawke installment is set in New Jersey and New York from March through December, 1777.

As Gideon Hawke and his mates become disillusioned with their regiment’s transformation into a conventional line infantry battalion, opportunity presents itself in the form of Colonel Daniel Morgan’s Provisional Rifle Corps. Gideon seizes the chance for adventure and possible promotion, even as his relationship with Ruth Munroe enters a critical stage.

Meanwhile, far to the north, British Major General John Burgoyne is preparing what he intends to be the master stroke of the war: a thrust down the Champlain-George-Hudson Corridor. This will cut the rebellious colonies in two. Washington will either have to make a hopeless attack or face irrelevance as the Crown forces mercilessly “pacify” New England.

The wheels of fate are in motion, and the clouds are building. When the storm breaks on the Hudson Valley, the ground will shake with a constant thunder.

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