Gideon Hawke #2: Times that Try Men’s Souls

imageIt is 1776: seventeen year old Gideon Hawke has spent over a year fighting for freedom, but now the American War of Independence is going badly. Reeling from setback after setback, he and his fellow soldiers have suffered from cold, hunger, thirst, and fatigue while watching their once mighty army nearly melt away. Just when he thought things could not get worse, Gideon realizes that his love, Ruth Munroe, has joined the war effort, exposing her to danger as well. When George Washington launches a desperate attack to resurrect their fortunes, Gideon will risk all for his friends, his girl, and his cause. These truly are the Times That Try Men’s Souls!


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What Readers Are Saying: 

“The novel is excellently written…”

“The appearance of historic figures is a welcome reminder that this story is set among events that really occurred.”

“I stayed up well beyond my normal bedtime and had to force myself to stop reading. The book was that good.”

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