Gideon Hawke #5:


GH5 Progress 20180415

As of: April 15th, 2018



I will be periodically updating the progress of the yet-to-be-named Gideon Hawke #5. The chart above depicts the actual writing, edit, preparation, and publishing of the book (not the research and rumination, which are never-ending!). Hopefully readers will find it exciting to see the circle increasingly turn blue as the novel nears publication.

Here are the basics of the story:

Gideon and Ruth finds Themselves thrust into new and unfamiliar surroundings: the 9th Pennsylvania Regiment. Amidst crude surroundings and cruel conditions, Gideon must adapt to a new command and a new way of fighting. Meanwhile Ruth must find her place in the social hierarchy of the Continental Community.


A replica soldier’s hut at Valley Forge.

Mercifully, the winter of 1778 will come to an end, and the warm winds of spring will bring tiding of hope: American is not alone! News of the French entry into the war will electrify the American Cause. When the British react by abandoning Philadelphia and retreating across New Jersey, General George Washington will give chase. He will form units of “select men” to lead the pursuit and pin down the British Rearguard. Captain Gideon Hawke will lead a company of such men, and they will find themselves in the thick of the action near a place called Monmouth Courthouse.

Monmouth hedgerow
An American position on the Monmouth Battlefield.

It will be, in the words of Samuel Adams, Jr., “a bloody day’s work.”