Robert (Bob) Krenzel is the award-winning author of the Gideon Hawke Series of young adult historical fiction novels. The series follows Gideon’s life and adventures starting just before the outbreak of the American Revolution.

TGC Cover smThe first novel in the Series, This Glorious Cause, opens in Lexington, Massachusetts, and sees Gideon Hawke from April 1775 through the end of the Siege of Boston in March, 1776. When we meet him he is struggling to decide what path to follow in life, but with the outbreak of war, Gideon finds both heartbreak and purpose as he fights for a cause greater than himself.

The second novel, Times That Try Men’s Souls, finds Gideon, a little older, a little wiser, and a T3MS Cover smlittle more scarred, monitoring the British fleet off of Long Island in July, 1776; the action picks up with the public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Gideon and his comrades will fight desperately to enforce that declaration in the face of a British and Hessian onslaught. When all seems lost in the dark days of December, 1776, the ragged survivors of Washington’s army strike back. In ten glorious days they turn the tables and keep their dream of independence alive.

anh-cover-smallA Nest of Hornets, the third in the series, was named a 2017 Kansas Notable Book. Gideon and his love, Ruth Munroe, are caught up in a web of intrigue. During the winter of 1777, between fierce skirmishes against British foraging parties, the pair fight different battles at dinner parties, in headquarters, and along remote country roads. There is a spy at large, and he is feeding American plans to the British; will Gideon and Ruth figure out who is responsible, or will they lose their lives in the attempt?

The fourth novel, A Constant Thunder, takes Gideon and Ruth on a long journey A Constant Thunder front cover SMALLnorth, up the Hudson River. Traveling by foot, sloop, and bateau, they learn about their country…and each other. Their journey ends near a place called Saratoga, where, with Morgan’s Rifle Corps, they are put to the test against both nature and their enemies. The fighting is savage, and both sides pay dearly. The question for Gideon will be: is the prize be worth the cost?

A Bloody Day's Work front cover SmallThe fifth novel in the series, A Bloody Day’s Work, finds Gideon and Ruth at Valley Forge. Gideon promoted to command a company in a new regiment; it will take all his skill and experience to keep his men alive and well, overcome a challenge to his leadership, and train the company for the rigors of the coming campaign. Valley Forge will be a severe test. The Battle of Monmouth Courthouse will determine if the winter’s sacrifices paid off.

A Bitter Harvest, the sixth novel, is unique in following Gideon’s journey as he is captured by the IroquoisA Bitter Harvest cover DRAFT and adopted into the Seneca Nation. He learns the ways of his new clan, but his love for Ruth leads him to make a daring escape. With no position in the Army, he struggles to fit back into American society. He is offered a new post, with a promotion, but there is a catch: he must help lead an expedition, bringing fire and sword, to break the will of the Iroquois.

A few things set Bob apart as an author:

  • A passion for history, especially when it involves crawling around old battlefields
  • A soldier’s perspective on tactics, leadership, and the effects of war on the body and mind
  • A desire to inspire others to learn more about history; especially young adults

While Bob is by no means a full-time author (but a guy can dream, can’t he?), the Gideon Hawke series is a labor of love that looms large in his life. He hopes you will take a look at the series, and maybe even join the Revolution!

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