Gideon Hawke #6: A Bitter Harvest

A Bitter Harvest cover DRAFTThe fortunes of war can turn in a moment, especially when you are caught up in some of the most horrific episodes of the American Revolution.

In the autumn of 1778 Gideon Hawke is delivering a message to the garrison at Cherry Valley, New York when Iroquois and Loyalist forces attack the settlement. Taken prisoner, Gideon endures hardship and torture before his adoption into the Seneca Nation.

Gideon will find himself caught between two cultures, and the 1779 Sullivan Expedition against the Iroquois will ensure whatever Gideon decides, there will be no going back.

A Bitter Harvest is in the editing process! My editor has completed her work, and I am working my way through the manuscript. Look for the finished product soon!