A Nest of Hornets is now available!

The day has come at last! A Nest of Hornets is available for purchase on Amazon!

anh-cover-_frontSet in New Jersey in the winter of 1777, the third novel in the Gideon Hawke Series finds Gideon and his comrades immersed in the “Forage War.” Struggling to feed their men and horses, the British command launches forays into the Jersey countryside to seize supplies and livestock. The Continental Army and New Jersey Militia, eager to fight after their victories at Trenton and Princeton, resist the British at every opportunity.

Gideon and Ruth find that not all battles occur in the field. They find themselves enmeshed in conspiracies: someone is alerting the British to American plans, and Gideon’s successes bring him and Ruth into the company of some questionable characters. Will Gideon escape death in battle, only to be murdered by a treacherous colleague?

Get a copy now! The low prices of $2.99 (Kindle) or $8.99 (Paperback) will only last until the New Year!

A Nest of Hornets on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBI511Q/

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