Answering Liberty’s Call!

A couple of years back, while writing A Bloody Day’s Work, I came to know fellow author Tracy Lawson. We shared an interest in the American Revolution, and were both working on novels that took place in part at Valley Forge. In comparing notes we discovered that our stories overlapped, if only briefly. One of us (I don’t recall who) remarked that it would be fun if our characters, Gideon Hawke and Anna Stone, met. One thing led to another, and Anna Stone made her print debut in chapter one of A Bloody Day’s Work!

Since then, Tracy has been busy! Her novel, Answering Liberty’s Call, is now available for purchase! Here is a little bit about it:

War may be men’s business, but that doesn’t stop Anna Stone from getting involved in the fight for liberty. When her soldier husband and brothers face starvation at Valley Forge, Anna is not content to pray and worry. She gets on her horse and strikes out alone over two hundred miles of rough roads to bring them life-saving supplies.

Eighty miles from her destination, Anna learns of a plot to overthrow General Washington and replace him with a commander who will surrender. With the fate of the American Revolution in her hands, she agrees to carry a message of warning and races to reach Valley Forge before one of the conspirators, whop is in hot pursuit, can intercept her.

Tracy Lawson

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It was a privilege to collaborate with Tracy, and to get to meet Anna before everyone else. Having written a few scenes with Anna in them, I can tell you she is a strong woman, and I can not wait to read more!

You can purchase Tracy’s novel here: Amazon, Unison Books, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.

For more on the Revolutionary time period, check out Tracy’s video series: Answering Liberty’s Call Video Series.

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