Answering Liberty’s Call!

A couple of years back, while writing A Bloody Day’s Work, I came to know fellow author Tracy Lawson. We shared an interest in the American Revolution, and were both working on novels that took place in part at Valley Forge. In comparing notes we discovered that our stories overlapped, if only briefly. One of us (I don’t recall who) remarked that it would be fun if our characters, Gideon Hawke and Anna Stone, met. One thing led to another, and Anna Stone made her print debut in chapter one of A Bloody Day’s Work!

Since then, Tracy has been busy! Her novel, Answering Liberty’s Call, is now available for purchase! Here is a little bit about it:

War may be men’s business, but that doesn’t stop Anna Stone from getting involved in the fight for liberty. When her soldier husband and brothers face starvation at Valley Forge, Anna is not content to pray and worry. She gets on her horse and strikes out alone over two hundred miles of rough roads to bring them life-saving supplies.

Eighty miles from her destination, Anna learns of a plot to overthrow General Washington and replace him with a commander who will surrender. With the fate of the American Revolution in her hands, she agrees to carry a message of warning and races to reach Valley Forge before one of the conspirators, whop is in hot pursuit, can intercept her.

Tracy Lawson

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It was a privilege to collaborate with Tracy, and to get to meet Anna before everyone else. Having written a few scenes with Anna in them, I can tell you she is a strong woman, and I can not wait to read more!

You can purchase Tracy’s novel here: Amazon, Unison Books, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.

For more on the Revolutionary time period, check out Tracy’s video series: Answering Liberty’s Call Video Series.

Spreading the Word

PresentationYesterday I had the opportunity to discuss the Gideon Hawke Series with the 8th Grade and Mill Creek Middle School in Lenexa, Kansas.

I always enjoy the opportunity to share some insights on the American Revolution and the writing process. Our discussion of why the Americans fought so long and so hard against such incredible odds always comes back to motivation: the belief in the ideals that “all men are created equal” and have the God-given rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

We also discuss what the American Revolution means today. I always share this quote by Benjamin Rush:

“The American war is over, but this is far from being the case with the American Revolution.”

If I understand what Benjamin Rush was trying to say, it’s that while we won independence, there is still work to be done. We have not yet truly realized the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Impendence. The wonderful thing about talking to 8th Graders is that they are the future: they will have a say in how the American Revolution turns out.

I sincerely hope the Gideon Hawke Series reminds a few of them why we began this great experiment called “America,” and inspires them to do their part of the hard work of building a society in which all people are truly treated as equal.


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Invisible Wound

IWI would like to, in a tangible way, honor both Veteran’s Day and the Centennial of the first Americans entering combat in World War I. Therefore, I will donate 25% of all royalties I earn from the Gideon Hawke Series in the month of November 2017 to Invisible Wound, a non-profit organization with the mission of helping warriors of all sorts overcome Post-Traumatic Stress.

As a veteran with PTS, and a friend who served alongside one of the founders, Invisible Wound is near to my heart.

Please help spread the word so we can help warriors who are in the toughest fights of their lives.


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Release Party!

A Constant Thunder front cover SMALLMy fourth novel, A Constant Thunder, will be released on Saturday, September 16th, 2017 (just in time for the 240th Anniversary of the Battle of Freeman’s Farm on September 19th).

Why not join me at a Facebook Release Party on September 16th? From 4:00 to 8:00 PM (that’s 1600 to 2000) US Central Daylight Time, three featured authors and I will discuss our work, hold contests, and even do some giveaways. It is a great chance to meet some incredible authors and find out more about their work.

Click the link for details: A Constant Thunder Release Party

Kansas Book Festival Weekend!

KBF-Logo-300x193This is an exciting weekend for me!

On Friday, September 8th I will be delivering author talks to the 7th and 8th Grades at Chase Middle School in Topeka, KS. Afterwards, my wife and I will be attending a Reception for authors and Book Festival Sponsors at the Governor’s Mansion.

On Saturday, September 9th, at 9AM I will receive my 2017 Kansas Notable Book Award, and at 10:30 I will deliver an author presentation in the Auditorium at the Kansas Capitol Building Visitor’s Center. Afterwards I will do a book signing, and then soak in the Book Festival: book vendors, authors, and food trucks!

Many thanks to the fans of the Gideon Hawke Series: this would not have happened without you!

I hope to see some of you there!

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Pre-Order Now!!!

A Constant Thunder front cover SMALLA Constant Thunder is now available for Pre-Order on Kindle!

The fourth installment in the Gideon Hawke Series sees Gideon and Ruth travel up the Hudson Valley to confront General John Burgoyne’s “Canadian Army,” to include a contingent of Native American warriors. In some of the most savage fighting of the American War for Independence the Continental Army will try to prevent Burgoyne from cutting the fledgling United States in two.

Pre-order your copy HERE!

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2017 Kansas Notable Book: A Nest of Hornets!

anh-cover-smallA Nest of Hornets was just selected for the 2017 Kansas Notable Book Award!

Every year the Kansas State Library selects fifteen books which “highlight Kansas people, places, and events” as Kansas Notable Books.

As a Kansas-based author I submitted A Nest of Hornets, and I literally had a jaw-dropping moment a few days ago when I received the notification that it was selected!

The awardees will be recognized at the 2017 Kansas Book Festival on September 9th, 2017 at the State Capitol in Topeka. I have been invited to be one of the presenting authors at the Festival, which needless to say is a tremendous honor! In addition to speaking about A Nest of Hornets, I will do a book signing, have the opportunity to meet some amazing authors and readers, will likely pick up a great book or three, and will definitely partake of the fare offered by some of the many food vendors!

Many thanks to my family, friends, readers, and fellow authors who encouraged me and made this honor possible!

Now, I feel as though I need to step up my game! Given the success of the Gideon Hake Series thus far, I must ensure that Gideon Hawke #4, A Constant Thunder, does not disappoint!


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Meet the Author!

Exciting news! I have been invited to deliver a series of author talks and book signings in November at a Middle School in Lenexa, KS!

The 8th Grade class will be studying the American Revolution; I will be sharing some thoughts on life during the Revolution, and giving them the opportunity to learn more through the eyes of Gideon Hawke and Ruth Munroe!

This is the first such event to which I have been invited, and I am very excited, because it goes to the core of why I started writing historical fiction: to help young people find an interest in American History!

Soon there will be much more to follow!

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