A haunting (and graphic) video relating the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress. It is interesting: we have to include a warning that the video contains graphic images, but war does not come with such a warning label–the graphic experiences happen without warning.

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My husband is a veteran who served in both the Army and Navy from the late 1980s through till about 1996.  He has PTSD.  And he’s haunted by particular events.  He was present on the infamous Highway of Death at the start of the 1st Gulf War.  What he did, and witnessed there—still gives him nightmares most nights.  Many of the men he served with from those two plus days on the “Highway” have committed suicide.

War is horrible, and our soldiers pay a terrible price for it.

I wrote this little piece, and then created the video using pictures from that war.  Many are disturbing and graphic so beware as you watch.   For well over 18 years I’ve watched my husband struggle with PTSD, and the moral implications of those fateful days.  I wish I could take those memories from him, but unfortunately they are his to bear, alone. …

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