This is NOT the End of the Line

TWsEvery time I have turned on the news in the past few days I have heard the sound of automatic gunfire; it reminds me of being back in Baghdad in the dark days of early 2006. Scores are dead, and hundreds wounded. What’s more, I just found out that Tom Petty died. Enough already!

At times like this, I have to believe we can make this world a better place, and that something even better is waiting on the other side. We have a responsibility to handle our world, and each other, with care.

Now that Tom is up there with Roy and George, I have to believe the Heavenly Choir is rockin’ just a little bit more. I’m guessing it sounds a bit like this:

Traveling Wilbury’s Handle with Care:

Traveling Wilbury’s End of the Line:

Enjoy! (I’m just looping these…pardon me when I sing along!)

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