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Yesterday I had the opportunity to deliver an author talk to the 8th Grade Class at Mill Creek Middle School in Lenexa, KS. The students are about to begin learning about the American Revolution in their Social Studies class, so a discussion about historical fiction set during the Revolution worked in nicely with their coursework.

It was a real treat to be able to discuss my background, my passion for history, my writing process, and what I have learned about life in the 1770s. I mostly focused on my methodology for writing, sharing the amount of research I do, and then how that research translates into a timeline, an outline, chapters, scenes, and ultimately a manuscript. I also discussed when and how I write and the importance I attach to both outlining and capturing ideas when they hit me. I also emphasized the importance of editing and re-writing. In addition I was also able to give some insights into what life was like for a young man or woman growing up in the 1770s.

Overall it was a great occasion to share a bit about the ups and downs of writing. One young lady even asked if I had any advice for aspiring writers, and I was able to share a few hard-won lessons. As an added bonus, a good number of the students bought copies of This Glorious Cause and/or Times That Try Men’s Souls and had me sign them. It was wonderful to be able to interact with a few of the students one-on-one. It was especially rewarding to chat with one young man who wanted to read the Gideon Hawke Series because he loves learning about the American Revolution. I hope I am able at least in some small way to stoke the fires of his passion!

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