Cover Ideas: A Nest of Hornets

It doesn’t really have anything to do with winged, stinging insects!

In the winter of 1777 British forces, reeling from defeats at Trenton and Princeton, abandoned most of New Jersey. From their last remaining posts along the Raritan River in New Brunswick and the Amboys they had to launch foraging expeditions in the Jersey countryside; the Continental Army and New Jersey Militia resisted these expeditions so vigorously that one British officer described the experience as “walking into a nest of hornets.”

Gideon Hawke #3, A Nest of Hornets, is set during the “Forage War” in New Jersey. We find Gideon and his mates stalking the British through frozen woods, icy brooks, and snow-covered fields. We also discover that someone on the American side is forewarning the British about American plans. Will Gideon be able to find the spy, or will he walk into a trap?

I would love some feedback on potential book covers: recurring images in A Nest of Hornets include snow-covered fields and forests, snow-covered roads, and written messages. I have used to develop 4 potential cover designs; Which do YOU like best?

Cover idea #1: anh-cover1

Cover idea #2: anh-cover2Cover idea #3: anh-cover3


Cover idea #4: anh-cover4

Please share your thoughts!


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