I am very sad to report that I have done virtually NO WRITING in the past few weeks! Aaargghhh!

Life, and work, has happened. The past few weeks have been a blur of long hours at work on top of other commitments, and trifling things like keeping a roof over my family’s heads have conspired to keep me from banging away on the keyboard.

That said I have gotten a few things done in the distributions/marketing department:

  • I discovered that my local library has a “Local Author’s Program.” I filled out a few forms and am waiting on a copy of This Glorious Cause to come in so I can submit it and Times. With any luck I will at least get some local buzz and circulation.
  • I sent off a copy of Times That Try Men’s Souls as an entry in a notable book award contest. I somehow doubt anything will come of it, but it is free, and you can’t win if you don’t enter.
  • I checked off one of my pre-publication tasks on A Nest of Hornets: I asked my son’s French teacher to edit a few lines of French dialogue! It is a little scary relying on others to translate your words, so it is reassuring to have someone reliable double-check! At least in German I can fumble my own way through a few common phrases. My job would be easier if soldiers in the American Revolution commonly shouted “Stop or I’ll Shoot!” in Arabic or Serbo-Croat; I know how to say those things!
  • I have decided upon a few critical plot points for A Constant Thunder. Book 4 in the Gideon Hawke Series will most certainly include a defining moment in the relationship between Gideon and Ruth. We may also bid farewell to a couple of characters, while being introduced to a few others. At least one new character I am sure readers will love to hate!

I suppose that from a literary perspective the last few weeks have not been a total waste. Be that as it may, I definitely need to get a story or two out of my head and into digits!

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Gideon Hawke Novels Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GideonHawkeNovels/

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