A new battlefield

Yesterday I finished Chapter 4 of A Nest of Hornets. In past novels I have placed my main character, Gideon Hawke, on many different battlefields. This time Gideon’s battlefield is very different: it is a dining room table in an elegant mansion, and he’s not sure who the enemy is…he’s not even sure there is a battle at first! Usually Gideon fights under the watchful eye of his friend, Andrew Johnston, but in this battle his only ally is his love, Ruth Munroe. Fortunately she is better prepared for this fight than Gideon!

While A Nest of Hornets remains deeply rooted in the history of the American Revolution, the plot gives me much more room to explore characters and dive into the divisive political tensions  that made the American War of Independence a civil war as well as a political revolution. I am enjoying it immensely!

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