A very different feeling

When This Glorious Cause was ready for publication, I spent hours on Create Space copying, pasting, inserting, formatting, scratching my head, looking up FAQs, re-formatting, and so on.

Now Times That Try Men’s Souls is ready for publication. I put the files into an email and hit SEND. Done. Now I wait.

Fortunately I have another novel to write, so it as not as though there will not be any writing going on, but it is a strange sensation to have others so involved in the preparation of this novel. I suppose the good thing is that those other people are experts in their lines of work. I AM NOT an expert in their line of work, so I am guessing they will do a much, much better job than I could ever do.

Case in point: For this novel, graphic artist Ben Kloepper brought his prodigious skills to bear in preparing maps for my novel. When I compare his beautiful work to the “cave paintings” I did for This Glorious Cause I am very certain that the next time I need a map, Ben is getting an email! (In fact, if I re-release that novel, the maps are getting an upgrade)

I’ll just stick to the writing.

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