A chance glance

One never knows when inspiration will strike! The other week I flew into and out of Newark Airport. Coming and going I was rewarded with breathtaking views of New York City! On the flight in I snapped this picture; when I see this view I can’t help but mourn what was taken from us on 9/11, nor can I help but marvel at our resilience.

On the flight out I was rewarded with a brilliant sunset and a stunning glance back at Sandy Hook Bay, Long Island, Staten Island, and the Hudson. I did not capture a photo, because I my mind’s eye I was envisioning a massive cluster of British tall ships clustered around Gravesend, pounding away with their cannon as landing barges shuttled British and Hessian troops toward Long Island. Somewhere on the receiving end of that barrage would be Gideon Hawke, getting ready for the fight of his life. As the aircraft turned and I lost sight of the harbor, I turned back to my trusty notebook and continued writing, breathing life into Times That Try Mens’ Souls!image

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