Gideon’s Dilemma

I have been writing about Gideon Hawke for some years now. When I last wrote I left him hanging–huddled against a river bank in December, 1776, fending off the Hessians so Washington’s Army could continue its retreat to the Delaware.

Aside from the fact that people are trying to shoot him, Gideon has a problem; he is deathly afraid of losing anyone else close to him. His desire to protect those he loves is in direct conflict with the need to fight a war. To win in combat, one must often dare greatly, and daring can come at a heavy price. That is a lot of weight to rest on the shoulders of a seventeen-year-old!

I have felt this kind of conflict myself, both as a soldier and as a husband and father; frankly I have felt it most pointedly as a Dad. I can not protect my kids from everything, but I have to let them try to fly. It’s terrifying! But as heartbreaking as it is to see them fail, more often than not they SOAR, and that’s a glorious sight!

I sure hope Gideon learns that lesson!

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