Author-on-Author Interview: Me and Robert Krenzel

Many thanks to Erin for this interview. It was both fun and informative putting it together!

Weaver of Words

So, Bob and I are in this group on Goodreads for indie authors and someone posted about doing author-on-author interviews. I thought, hmmm. Sounds neat. And posted that I was interested in doing some. Bob also posted, and we connected. What you see here is the result. 😉 I think it’s really interesting that we’re coming from opposite ends of the genre spectrum, but we have things in common, such as always being writers. This was lots of fun!

Interview #1: Wherein I Indulge My Inner Journalist

Bob Krenzel Robert Krenzel, author of This Glorious Cause.

1. What inspired you to write historical fiction, particularly about the war?

I have always loved history, especially military history, and I greatly appreciate the work of authors who have turned history into entertaining stories, authors such as Jeff and Michael Shaara, Simon Scarrow, and Bernard Cornwell. I chose the American Revolution because I feel it…

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