Spring arrives with inspiration in tow

It’s time to mow the lawn again. Some would consider that a bad thing, but I find it enjoyable. For one thing, I plug in my earbuds and enjoy some tunes, but more importantly, I get some of my best story ideas while walking back and forth across the yard.

This past week while about halfway through my front yard I had a flash of inspiration for Chapter 7 of A Nest of Hornets; an excellent plot point to bring a few threads together and perhaps build some suspense. Excellent!

Fortunately I am generally able to remember these ideas I generate while mowing. I dread the day, though, when I get multiple ideas. Maybe I should start mowing with my writer’s notebook in my pocket!

Finding Time to Write

One of the most common book-related questions I am asked:

When did you find time to write a book?

The simple answer: wherever and whenever I could! Ideas come to me at weird times, that’s why I try to keep my writer’s notebook handy, so I can capture them for later. Then it is a matter of finding a little bit of time here and there. Between work and family life it can be a challenge to find a few dedicated hours to sit and write. The Notes app on my iPhone is one of my secret weapons: I can type up a few sentences or paragraphs and later email them to myself. This allows me to assemble my story bit by bit. When I think of all of the places where I worked on This Glorious Cause I have to wonder how it came together. I guess the answer to that is in the editing process, but more about that later!