Times That Try Men’s Souls!

This will be a day long remembered…

OK, so maybe it’s best to not mix sci-fi and historical fiction, but that’s how it feels to have my second novel published! Times That Try Men’s Souls is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions! Times That Try Men’s Souls

Pentian Publishing did a great job getting the book to market; I hope my readers will find it worth the wait!


Join the Revolution!

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The manuscript is complete and with my editor. When we reach the funding target, anyone who contributes to the fund will have earned a free copy of the novel, as well as a share of the royalties! (In the unlikely event we don’t reach the target, you get your money back) This is an exciting new publishing model via Pentian Publishing. It is also an exciting opportunity to own a share of the Gideon Hawke Series!

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Being a part-time author has its challenges; like having to work a “real” job! My recent career change really slowed down my writing and made it less organized. Fortunately the other day I had a chance to assemble┬áthe bits and pieces of Times That Try Mens’ Souls and was delighted to discover that the first draft is almost done! A few more chapters and it will be ready for me to review and rewrite. I might actually make my late-November goal of getting the manuscript to my editor!

Now if you’ll excuse me, when I last left him Gideon Hawke was ankle-deep in snow and up to his eyeballs in Hessian grenadiers…

The Battle of Brooklyn

Colonel John Haslet's Delaware Regiment covering the American withdrawal to the Fortifications at Brooklyn.

Colonel John Haslet’s Delaware Regiment covering the American withdrawal to the Fortifications at Brooklyn.

As I work through a career transition my progress on “Times That Try Men’s Souls” slowed to a crawl. By happy coincidence, in the last few days I have reengaged and have refined a few of the pivotal chapters: those dealing with the fighting on Long Island, specifically the Battle of Brooklyn. As I put the finishing touches on that section, I realized that tonight marks the 239th Anniversary of the opening shots of the Battle of Brooklyn! Truly an auspicious sign!

God willing this time next year my readers will be able to mark the 240th Anniversary by reading about the battle from Gideon Hawke’s perspective.